Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Seriously People

I have a huge pet peeve. It probably isn't yours too since I see almost everyone doing it.
Here it is...When you go to Wal-Mart there are two doors. One is Enter...one is Exit.
Can people not read anymore? Is it too hard to take the extra steps to walk over to the enter side when entering. If I am walking into the store I am walking into the Enter side. Why do I have to dodge the annoying people with their carts full of groceries coming out of the enter door?
When I am leaving with my cart full of groceries, why do I have to maneuver my cart around the illiterate people that can't read the exit sign?
It really bothers me so much that I am going to have to start saying things to people.
How does one correct grown adults for entering the wrong side at Wal-Mart? And even more than that...how does a Christian tell someone in God's love of course "Hey idiot, use the other door!"
Perhaps I should just start running people over instead of being polite and letting them pass by. Maybe if I give them a good ram or two with my cart and just casually point up to the sign, then they will get the picture.
Maybe I could bring a long pointer or one of those pointers with the laser on it...I could deeply clear my throat and point as I non chalantly sip a Mtn Dew or something.
Of course Wal-Mart does not help this issue at all. At least in my Wal-mart things are backwards. The carts are on the exit side instead of the enter which really makes no sense.

So I beg you...the next time you go to Wal-Mart, pay attention to the side you enter!
You never know where I might be hiding and just what I might do!


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry! One time I entered through the exit and a guy looked at me and then looked up at the sign. Not many people would have caught his message but now I feel guilty and think of it everytime.

Virginia said...

LOL! This seriously bugs me too- ask Michelle. I used to gripe about it all the time... I've loosened up a little bit about it because if I have the three kids with me, mostly I'm just struggling to get IN the darn place, but it still really irritates me.

And I totally agree with you about it being backwards. Bugs me to death.

Anonymous said...

I hate Walmart. I think it's a vortex to hell. Now that you mention it, why do the doors even open for the opposite side, if its an exit only, then why put the sensors on the other side of the door? Hello?

Jennifer said...


Kim said...

Whatever. You are talking to me and I say: whatever.


Tomorrow, Sherri Mungroo (Kline) is coming to my parents' house!

Kimmi said...

i am sooooo guilty of that. however, with a son who's driving, i have other things to stress over. ;)

here's a movie quote for you that covers how i feel after this post. see if you can guess the source. (here's a hint: it's a kid's movie.)

"i am ashamed." (this is said in a french accent by a shrimp.

Stace' said...

I wonder if any of the Wal-Mart clerks could give a decent dinner recomendation?????

Marsha said...

Consider it a spiritual object lesson. The world is oblivious to what is going on around them and they are heading the wrong way.... going to hell in a Wal-Mart basket so to speak. For the most part everyone can read and hear and should be able to understand the truth, but they just don't think it pertains to them. They are self-centered and convenience oriented.

Life has so many other things to stress about, like the pokey old man who's always on the road to town in front of me when I'm in a hurry. Now THERE's a pet peeve!

Miik said...

I always go in the wrong door at Walmart. I always go out the wrong door at Walmart. If I ever go with you to Walmart, which is not likely, I will do the same. They don't care, they just want your money. Why should you care, they just want your money.

Bro. Joel said...

OK... I'm going to be the complete REBEL here... After reading this, I went to WalMart and INTENTIONALLY went IN and OUT of the WRONG doors! Did I do it because it bugs you all? No... I did it because WalMart is the one here that is wrong... they are the culprit. EVERYONE knows that the normal social order is to stick to the right. We don't live in England, here. Whether you are driving a car, walking in the mall, in a boat, or walking down the isle of a store, you always pass oncoming traffic by sticking to the right. It is the natural order of things. Does WalMart abide by that? Nooooo... the exit is on the right and the entrance is on the left. It is abnormal. It is against human nature. Dare I say.. it is a sin! Then, to make matters worse, as Missy already pointed out... the buggies are on the exit side... So here's what I say - break the rules. Stick to the natural order of things. Enter on the right.

Amber said...

hahaha. I love all these funny comments. Never knew there were so many sides to one issue. This Walmart door thing bothers my husband too, but not me. I mean I agree with Melissa, if they really wanted to you to follow the signs, they would not have put the sensors on both sides. Walmart IS the vortex to hell and it sucks in all your money. I am trying to avoid the place as much as possible. Anybody up for Aldi? (No I can't get everything at Aldi, but most everything that counts. And I like Publix too.) But, on the rare occasions where I do stop in at Wally World, I usually use the correct entrance in order to do one less thing to drive my husband crazy. If I'm by myself, I don't give a rip, hehe. And that's my 2 cents.

Bro. Joel said...

Hey, this post may never go away... but... when I was in Panama City last week, I actually went to a Wal Mart that had the enter and Exit signs on the socially correct side - Enter on the right!