Saturday, June 21, 2008


So I have a case of Strep throat. Really if you know me you are not suprised by this. I get it many times a year. It's annoying and painful...but the reward today was good!
My nice husband brought home Pizzas and Ice Cream. He brought me my own little individual tub of Dove Mint Ice Cream. If you've never had it let me just say go get some now!
The bonus is that when you open the lid, there is this layer of chocolate over the top with the word Dove in it. Very nice!
It felt good on my throat too...Yippee!

So tomorrow I leave for NC. I am taking 2 girls from church with me, Jeanny and Mary, plus my kids. We are going to do a 3 day VBS this week. It is going to be completely different from the VBS that I am used to doing. I mean it's the same program, just going to be different in the execution of it. I'm excited though. We'll probablly have about 50 kids and then people from my parents church are going to help as well.
I'm excited for Jeanny and Mary to be coming. They are great and it will be fun to have people to travel with instead of just me and the kids as usual. Jeanny is 21 and Lana thinks she is like her best friend. Poor Jeanny, it might be a LOOOOONG 5 hour drive for her.

Please pray for us and the ministry we will be involved in this week. Please pray also for my throat. I started antibiotics today and am really waiting for them to kick in.

Now, go get you some Dove Ice'll never want any thing else ever again!!!


Chuck said...

Mayfield mint chocolate chip is so good it'll make you shove grandma down the stairs.

care-in said...

Oh my you should have never told me about that mint ice cream. I never turn down ice cream but it is extra good when you are sick.

heather said...

I don't like mint chocolate chip. Sorry I know the mint chocolate shakes at Chick-fil-a were great too.Tried it still don't like meant.