Saturday, June 7, 2008

Complete and Utter exauhstion

I think it has just hit me. The past few weeks have caught up and I am now completely over the top exhausted. After the weeks of prep for VBS, and then the week of VBS and then the birthday and the anniversary and the day at Oak Mtn today with our Sunday School class, I am seriously considering going to bed right now at 5:30. I think I could. Maybe I will. The children can eat Teddy Grahams for dinner. Those are healthy right?

Our Pastor is preaching on wifely submission tomorrow, so since I have that mastered, I think I may skip Church...except my husband would say no and then I would have to submit and go to Church because I am the model of a submissive wife. Maybe I could sleep during Church and compromise.
Or maybe I should just listen and learn.

OK...well, I am going to go throw a can of mandarin oranges to the children to go with their Teddy Grahams. That will solve my dinner dilemma.


Stace' said...

Not only are you the model of submission, you are the culinary queen!

Abbey said...

I say (since you asked) serve the teddy grahmas sans the oranges (cause it's simpler). Then tell your husband that you need to stay home and sleep. Cause you do!! VBS is killer. I think it should be outlawed simply to save the poor workers and directers a near death experience.
I think Stacy would totally understand. Sleep, my friend... sleep!! :)

Kim said...

Sleep dearest.

Let me teach you about wifely submission. That's all you need to know. Wink.

Ginger said...

So, did VBS go well? Are you ready to come help with mine now? this a bad time to ask?

Marsha said...

It's called listen to the CD afterwards....but then, I'm posting this late so you are probably in evening church now.