Monday, June 16, 2008

Lazy days of Summer

I'm ready for those...just havn't gotten there yet. We've had some lazy mornings here recently, but no full fledge lazy days. I'm ready to slow down, but don't see it coming any time soon. At least not for the next couple of weeks.

Next week will be fun as we go to my parents and do VBS again. This will just be a 3 day program and should be lots of fun. Maybe I can at least have one lazy day of Summer while I am there.

One of the things I want to accomplish this Summer is to paint the office and transform it into a school room. I am looking at paint samples. Do you want to help?

I want to do an aqua blue color.

If I do that, I am thinking of getting desks and shelving that would be silver/chrome. I think that would make for a fun feeling school room.

I had thought about black furniture, but I think the silver would be a more fun contrast.

Or Oak...but I don't really think Oak. Give me your feed back on that too.

I'm also going to paint Lana's room. She wants pink of course. My Mom is about to give her some very pretty and girly white furniture and I think a dark pink will look super nice next too it. Look here at Sherwin Williams and tell me the name of an aqua and a pink that you think would be nice. (If you like to do things like that!)

Who likes to paint? Who wants to help me?

Maybe one day I can have a lazy day of Summer. If you know how to make me do it, then please...make me do it!!!


heather said...

I can't I haven't found my lazy day of summer yet either. I don't mind painting. Let me know when and I will help.

Kim said...

I must have pictures or I cannot comment on decisions. Visual learner here.

Marsha said...

JUST a thought.... is there any reason why Logan has to have the bigger bedroom? His bunk beds would fit in Lana's room and his desk and dresser. Lana is the one that is more needy of space. Then she could have both beds now!

Just a thought.

I know, I know. You just got Logan's room fixed up last year and then you'd have to repaint it.
Besides that. Have you thought about it?

Marsha said...

Okay, colors: Drum roll, please.

Pink: 6585 - Coming Up Roses
Trim: 6089 - Grounded (brown)

Aqua: 6767 - Aquarium
Trim: 7008 - Alabaster (silvery white)

Virginia said...

IF you wanted to do a dark pink, I think 6579 Gala Pink is gorgeous. A light pink 6857 Pink Moment is really pretty too.

I'm about to paint the girls' room too. I'm think of doing something along the lines of 6694 Glad Yellow, and then all the bedding and accents be shabby chic looking pinks, reds, and robin's egg blues. So fun to be able to play with that!

For the schoolroom, what about 7610 Turkish Tile? or 6781 Jamaica Bay?

Can't wait to see pics! :)

Missy said...

Virge, Love Gala Pink!
Mom, love aqaurium.
So far those are my top contenders.