Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Paint technique

A new suggestion has been offered up in my room painting, furniture dilemas.
My Mom has suggested that Logan and Lana switch rooms so that Lana can have the bigger room and be able to keep the whole set of furniture ( if she stays in her room, I have to break the set up and save the other bed in case we ever move).
So I am thinking this is a good option.
My dilema...
I will have to paint Lana's room for Logan. No big deal, its a small room and should require 1 gallon of paint.
But Logan's room for Lana, I just painted 2 summers ago. I painted it a nice brown color.
I thought I could leave that for Lana. The furniture is white and I could do lots of pink accents.
Well anyways...I just saw today on a design show where they did black paint over some red cabinets. They put the black paint on and then crinkled up sheets of aluminum foil, put it on top of the paint and ran the roller over it. When they took the foil away, it had just meshed the black paint into the red, and so the red was coming through. It looked really really cool.

Do any of you know of a paint technique where I could leave the brown walls, but do a sort of pink wash over them?

Suddenly I think this is going to turn into a harder project than I had originally hoped for. :)


-C said...

imo, life's too short for paint techniques ... use lots of pink accents with the brown wall color and the white furniture will still pop. you're really good at accents (from what I gathered from your other posts) so it should be pretty easy and you'll save $ and time. :)

Kim said...

I'm with Crystal. Keep the brown paint and do LOTS of pink accents. You could even use different shades of pink and pop them with white and a darker brown accent.

I think the plain, brown paint will look richer and prettier and will stay in style longer. Faux painted stuff will start to look dated soon.

Idea: Get three, big picture frames (white or dark brown) and take some pictures of Lana (in a pink dress) in different stages of eating a chocolate bar or cupcake. Blow them up into an 8x10 and get a white matte to show them out. Hmmm, yeah you have to do that now. It would be so cute. Hint: I'll be home July 6- whatever for Camp Cornerstone.

Stace' said...

DON'T do technique painting. A total frustration!!!


Anonymous said...

pink and brown are great colors!