Thursday, June 19, 2008

Check this one out

OK...Lana and I just found this great site.
They have a cute brown and pink polka dot, but Lana has now discovered Toile!
Jennifer, you will be so pleased!!!
Anyways, the pink and brown toile (the 2nd one down on the right) is so cute and very classy.
Check it out here.

We are sitting and comparing and narrowing down.
I think the decision is soon to come.
I know, I are all on pins and needles...ouch, ooh, get this needle out of my butt!


Anonymous said...
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Marsha said...

Okay, Lana Lou; my little French shabby chick. Your choice is very nice. I like that it includes the valance. I have white sheers if you want to do that window treatment. I like that it has a matching laundry hamper...hint, hint.

Marsha said...

The pale pink paint is probably the way to go. I'll need to put the pix of the toile next to the paint chips you emailed so I can compare. Trim should be in white to compliment the furniture IMO. I have students this a.m. I'll do that later.