Saturday, June 21, 2008

For Sale

One set of tonsils-horrible condition, but still there.
One throat- very sore and gags alot.

One Front yard- Very grassy and people are also kind enough to throw their empty beer cans in it too. Yep, you get to keep the money for recycling!

One Kitchen- Dishes are already out and ready for you to put away!
One Living Room- The piles of clothes are an added bonus!

One Boy Child- Likes to play video games and does it well when Mom doesn't feel good and could care less.
One Girl Child- Likes to listen to her Hannah Montant CD over and over and over and over, while singing loudly along.


Jeri said...

Oh Missy so sorry about that sore, gagging throat. how much do you want for it? I don't need it but I know some people I could give it to. :)

heather said...

Maybe we could work out a trade with the kids. Although Hannah Montana drives me crazy. Hope you feel better.