Friday, August 1, 2008

Random Obligational News

The thing about having a blog that you frequently maintain and enjoy posting too, is that you are the one that is obligated to maintain and post things to it, even when life is busy.

So I am now taking a break from my life to sit and idolly blog to you, my random viewers.

I imagine you all have been very lonely without me this week. I understand! When some of you don't blog all week long, I too feel that same nagging loneliness.

Things that have been going on...

1. I have trained Amber the past 2 weeks to take over my job. She is going to do great and I look forward to leaving my route in her capable hands. It's also nice to know that the I will be able to fill in for her and still be able to see all of these people that I have met over the past 4 years again.

2. I was asked to be in charge of the music for our ladies retreat. I thought the retreat was the end of August. I found out Wednesday that it is August 14th! 2 weeks! I have to admit that I am slightly overwhelmed. It is the seriousness of this task that overwhelms me. I want to do a good job and I want it to all be for God's glory. My friend Jeri has been very helpful to me with this, and also our Music minister who is most helpful in all things. Please pray for me over these next couple of weeks that the Lord will really guide my thoughts and actions as I prepare for this new task.

3. Crissy and Kim P, Amber, and there Husbands, plus Heather and I went to Huntsville yesterday to the space and rocket center. Wow! It was a lot bigger than I thought and a little overwhelming. We had a great time, but I am going to go back with my husband so that we can really focus the kids and we can learn stuff. The kids all had a great time being together and doing stuff. We did this journey to mars thing that was very fun and bumpy and I thought I was going to throw up.

All the kids got to climb the rock wall. Even Lana did it! I was shocked. She got about half way up and panicked so Maggie and Crissy helped her down. I was proud she even did it. We seem to be entering an age that she is a lot braver than she used to be.
This is the only group picture I got and unfortunely is was after Amber and Kim had left.

4. This is a strange thing that you will only find in Alabama. Amber and I spotted this sign yesterday in the Huntsville area. We left for a little while to go meet my boss so Amber could meet him. We decided we had to take a picture of this to post on my blog.

So that is about it for now. I'm going to Crissy's tonight to hang out with everbody. I am very excited! This is my first time, every other time I've tried to go somebody throws up or something has happened. I am leaving in 30 mintues and so far so good. I have lots of food prepared to bring so I can make sure I am invited back :)
So long my blogging buddies. I trust you all are well!


Heather said...

Hello Missy,
I'll be praying for you to hear the Holy Spirit speak to you about what songs to choose for your Women's Retreat. I know you will do a great job,so stop worrying and fretting over the small stuff it will all work out at the end. You'll sit back and say this was a peice of cake. I know when my Mom put the Women's Tea on i had to do music and from the time it started with planning I worked myself into a frenzy. I guess its just in our blood we want everything to be perfect.

Laura Leigh said...

Mm, what kind of food did I miss?

Wish I could have been there with you chickas tonight, but Bella had orientation.

Maybe next time :-)

Marsha said...

aarggh!!! I can't get into my blog! I get an error message that says Internet Explorer most abort!
I'm having a cow right now!! Do you need a side of beef?? Is Marsha's Musings sick and contaminated with something dreadful? Woe is me!

Rachel Garcia said...

glad to see you back.. umm.. we never got together for that lunch did we? now what? Your leaving your job? that means you won't be in this area. what are we going to do??????

Heather said...

Let your Mom know that I can't open her blog it says, internet explorer abort mission. I wanted to read her post but I keep getting an error. I just want you to know that I love reading your post it brightens my day.

Jeanny said...

Only in Alabama... don't you love our signs! Hope yall had fun!

Stace' said...

You should rename your blog. "Marsha's Messenger". I crack myself up!!

I'm praying for the song time.

100 degrees in the kitchen. UGH!! I'm so ready for Fall!!!

The Taylor-Chandler Clan said...

I am thrilled that you will be coordinating the music for the Ladies Prayer Retreat this year. You have the God-given talent, organizational skills, and are a vessel that God can work through to bring about His purpose. I will be praying for you! Also, I wanted to thank you for the time we had with Logan in Sunday School. We are sorry to see him go but know these kids have to grow up! (big sigh). In turn, we are ticked to be getting Lana. I have a feeling, that she like her brother, will spur her teachers with inquisitive questions that we will welcome.

God Bless & love ya!