Saturday, August 23, 2008

Cozumel Aqua

That is the name of the color that I just painted our school room.
I have to tell you though...I am an idiot!
When the guy at Wal-Mart ( first idiotic thing I did) was mixing the two gallons of paint, the blue dye ran out. So I ended up with two different colors of paint.
The guy was of course nice enough to say that he would re do it...but I being the idiot that I am, said "No Richard, I like these new colors you have come up with. I'm going to use both of these and call them Richards aqua." Dar har har.

I tried to do every other wall the different color. That worked fine until I had to go back and do some touch up. I forgot which color I had used on which roller and wound up doing some touch up with the wrong color on the wrong wall.
And am I going to fix it? NO!
I'm tired of painting. I figure once the posters and such are on the wall it won't be noticeable.
Of course I will notice it, but at this point this is me not caring...
"La la la, I don't care, la le la le different colors on my wall, it's very noticable and I don't care."

I have to tell you what saved my sanity today. ABBA! Oh yeah...that's right! I clicked on Crissy's blog and listened to the sounds of Dancing Queen, SOS, I do, Take a chance, and of course Mama Mia...then some sting and police. Wait, wasn't Sting in the police?
Anyways, it made me happy to have fun tunes whilst I painted. And Lana now loves Dancing Queen too...oh yeah!

Welp, I must go make some dinner. Anybody else have a hard time getting motivated on this drab drizzly day?


Marsha said...

yes, walmart is world famous for it's paint experts...

You call just call it "The Learning Cube" after the multi shades of blue used in China for the swimming venue.

Can't wait to see it. I'm sure it's great. Stop singing, LaLaLa. I can hear you.

Anonymous said...

Good grief, with the ABBA! I'm sure it looks fine.


Kim said...

NEVER go to Walmart for paint. Or school supplies.

I could hear you laugh "dar, har, har".

Bobby Bryan sent me a message last night asking if I wanted to go to the Black-Eyed Pea with some friends. Dang! I want some grilled chicken. And cornbread. With butter and honey. mmmmm...

Jeanny said...

Maybe the next room you do will be better :)

It's fun rockin' out with the sounds of Abba. I took my mom to that movie and she loved it.

I need to get dinner ready too, but it's so hard on a rainy day like this.

heather said...

I love that you said oh I think two shaded of blue would be so nice Richard. I love ABBA but no more Mama Mia I don't think I could go through it again.

Crissy said...

The "dar har har" laugh was unexpected and made me shoot snot out of my nose. Thanks so much.