Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I am blogging at 10:53 on a Tuesday night.
This is strange to me.
Usually on Tuesday night I am getting to bed early to be ready for work for the next day.
Instead, here I sit, blogging, watching the olympics, and typing music for the retreat.
Yes, all at the same time. I AM multi talented!

I just have to tell you all that I am obsessed with the Olympics.
Hum the tune with me now will you?
Da da da dadadada...da da dada da da da da da da da da da
Is it in your head now? GOOOOOD!
I have been staying up way to late to watch, but I can't miss it.
Summer games only happen every 4 years you know!
I am happy to be passing my obsession on to my daughter too.
She loves the Olympics. She is "Ogsessed" with them.
And oh my gosh, an american girl just fell during the floor excercise. Good grief! Even I could jump around on a mat.
OK, well maybe not. I COULD however possibly walk across it without falling. Maybe, if it was flat and somebody was holding my hand.
Oh the poor little dear, she is about to cry. I would too if I was her.
OOH, and the replay. Why must they torture her and us and show her falling again. OK, we get it, she fell, its a tenth of a point. Blah Blah. The drama!
But I love it...must have more.

I actually had other more important things to say tonight, but I have gotten distracted and will now go about my other tasks.
See, I can stay on task.


Marsha said...

It was 8/10ths of a point. The poor dear will be scarred for life thinking she was solely responsible for losing the Gold.

We will be a La's for Thanksgiving! November 15 and return December 2.

Stace' said...

Woohoo! Party at Marmi and Pappy's!!!!

I had a dream about the house in Old Savannah last night. It was so strange. You and I were arguing b/c you were insisting it wasn't yours since it didn't look exactly the same. It was strange. I saw the blue wallpaper in the dining room, and everything. SO STRANGE!!!!


The Taylor-Chandler Clan said...

Hey Missy,
Just a comment to let you know how well your youngest can use the latest addition to her vocabulary... You will be comforted in knowing that she used "obsessed" in Sunday School on Sunday morning ~ in the correct text and pronouncing it like an expert English teacher! You are teaching her well! LOL

Stacy said...

you cannot get up early if you stay up late to watch the Olympics.
Just a thought.

I love you!

Stace' said...

Like she CARES!!!!

with love,

Marsha said...

I've tagged you for a little fun game! Come on over to my blog.

care-in said...

X likes to watch the girls fall and in ice skating too.

E and I are obsessed with the olympics!

So glad you added pacman...thank you for helping me waste my time!

Kim said...

I was just humming the Darth Vader tune.


I'll be at Crissy's friday night.

michelle said...

I just played pac-man! I stink! Oh well.

Michele W. said...

Your Uncle Jim and I have been watching the Olympics too. It's been exciting this year!

Love the Blog! The look is so you!!!