Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Plague

OK, well it's not the plague, but I got your attention didn't I?

Mom has tagged me in a random game of tag to tell you 6 random things about me.
I don't know if I know 6 random things about me, or if I want to tell you for fear that you might use them against me later.
But here goes...

1. I sang on stage with Sandi Patti when I was 8 years old. She was my childhood hero and it was the highlight of my 8 year old life.

2. I love mashed potatoes! I love them so much, that once I was at a restaurant where you serve yourself, but the food was on this rotating thing...the mashed potatoes where getting away and so I chased them down. Yep, chased me down some mashed potatoes!!!

3. When I was 16 I was coming home late from a ball game, got lost, and got pulled over by a cop. I was so freaked out about getting home late, and had to pee really bad. I was scared and didn't have a place to stop, so I peed in my pants. I was just driving down the road and peed in my pants while I was driving. But oh gets worse! The next morning my Dad got in the car to take me to school ( it was his car after all)...He said "Missy why is my seat wet?"...
My reply, "Oh sorry, I spilled a Mountain Dew last night!"
About 2 years ago I told him the truth. He laughed hysterically thank goodness!

4. I still sleep with a blankie. True fact. Just love to cuddle up with my blankie.

5. In college I had some fake fingernails on for a nice banquet that the school had put on. A couple days later while working at the Black Eyed Pea restaurant, I looked down and discovered that one of my nails was missing. A little while later my manager came in, said "let me see your hands"...saw that a nail was missing and walked away. Come to find out I had lost that nail in a salad that was served to a Lawyer and his wife. Needless to say they sued! They got $5000 out of the deal, and amazingly enough I got to keep my job!

6. I am a little bit OCD about couch pillows and blankets. I like the pillows to be straight, and the blankets to be neatly draped.

So now you know 6 random things about me.
I am now supposed to tag some more people, but since I know that you are all busy people, I will not make you do it.
But if I was going to tag somebody I would tag...
Well, really I would tag you all, so get busy!


Jeri said...

I'm thinking about how when I was at your house Tuesday evening, sitting on your lovely upstairs sofa, I picked up the pillow and throw beside me for no real reason and flung them to the other side of me, with the throw all lumped around awkwardly. And got up and left it that way.

Now I know what agony that caused you. I am sorry.

Anonymous said...

I love these things! I learn so much about people. That was a fun list. The picture of you and Logan is adorable by the way. Are you going to Crissy's tomorrow? You really need to, and not just because Kim will be there. Please say you'll come!

care-in said...

I like knowing random things about my friends!

Michele W. said...

I love learning more about my neice! Couldn't your dad smell the difference between mountain dew and pee?
Love you!
Aunt Michele

michelle said...

How in the world did you and your mom end up with all these amazing experiences? Sandi Patty...Tom Cruise...Richard Nixon?!! It's crazy.
BTW, I LOVE that picture of you and Logan. You look SO pretty and natural.