Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Hello everybody! This is Stacy, or Missy's husband to most of you.

I have used my genius computer skills and hacked into Missy's blog to let you all know that today is her birthday. She doesn't know I've done this so let's keep it a secret.

33 years ago, God unveiled one of his pre-determined plans (that was for you Marsha), and let loose into this world Melissa Rita (almost Fern for a middle name if you can believe my hippie like in-laws) Harwood. In 1998 He would bring her into my life and a year later she would change her last name to Lowery. If we believed in the Hindu idea of Karma, then some would say this change was due to something bad she had done in her previous life and that I was her punishment. But, since my ego won't allow that, I'll just say that He was giving me a gift.

Today, Missy is the wonderful mother of Logan and Lana and amazing wife to me! She is a gift to my world and the world that she influences. She has incredible qualities like faithfulness, loyalty, compassion, humor, love, patience, beauty, and some other physical qualities that really would be embarrassing for her and inappropriate for me to publicly post. Her smile brightens up a dreary day. Her laugh (especially when it's one of those "I can't do anything but wheeze" laugh) makes everyone else in the room laugh with her, even when they don't feel like laughing.

She is an asset to me and everyone who knows her, in that our lives are all enriched from getting to know her as a friend. And the great thing about her is that she doesn't take herself too seriously. She can laugh at her self. Like the time when she was walking across a FLAT soccer field and just fell. No rocks or roots to trip over. She just fell. Those of you who know her best, know she can be a little bit clumsy, but she just gets up and laughs it off. She knows it's one of the way she's so darn adorable. She also knows that's the reason I've banned her from sharp objects around the house.

So today, would you all do me thing kindest favor and post a lot of comments wishing her an awesome birthday and tell her how much she means to all of you. Thank you for your indulgence. Lowery out!

We love you Melissa Rita (Fern) Harwood Lowery!

Happy Birthday!


Stace' said...

I thank the Lord for all the 30 (?yikes)years of friendship we've enjoyed. You have been the sister I never had, and a blessing beyond measure.

I pray today is a day of sheer blessing. A day that you feel God's pleasure, and understand the ways you enrich the lives around you.

We need to start planning a 40th birthday cruise or something.

Love ya' girl!

michelle said...

All of that is so true. Missy you really are such a good friend. You are very thoughtful and always know what people need. One of the MOST TOUCHING things in my life was when I was put back in the hospital after Hope was born and I couldn't see her or get better. I HONESTLY thought I was going to die. Seriously. And you came up to see me with a bag of goodies. You lit a candle painted my nails, did my hair and makeup and just took care of me. Missy, I was so depressed and you will never understand what a light you were to me. You are irresistibly beautiful. You really are. Plus you're just fun as crap! I am thankful for you.

michelle said...

Oh, and Happy Birthday :)

valerie said...

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Missy, Happy Birthday to you.... (That is me singing you a solo birthday song - so just imagine it and I don't sing like Marilyn Monroe!)

I haven't known you long, but I do know that you are an awesome woman of God and it is my pleasure to know you. Have a wonderful day. Love you!!!!! (and I won't bring you a cat for your Birthday I promise!!!)LOL

Chuck said...
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Chuck said...

Thanks for being a great, life-long friend to my wife.

Your husband's computer-hacking skills are no match for your recipe skills.

Graced said...


Happy Birthday. You are a priceless friend that I never actually see, but enjoy very much!


Heather said...

Happy Birthday Missy!!!!
You are a wonderful Mother, Daughter, Cousin and Friend. God has truly Blessed your life in so many ways and what a wonderful husband you have too to write such a beautiful blog. Happy 33rd Birthday!!!!!
Love, Heather

Michele W. said...

You such a joy to so many lives. You have an amazing sense of humor and infectious laugh. You get your clumsiness from your mother! I enjoy reading your blog so much.. it brightens my day. You have grown up to be an amazing woman of God. I wish we lived closer... I am giving you a big hug and a kiss right now... did you get it?

How did Marsha and I get such old children when WE are only 39 ourselves! lol

Aunt Michele

The Taylor-Chandler Clan said...

Happy Birthday Missy!!! Thank you for your friendship and blessing you are to all who know you! Enjoy this special day in a special grandfather shared a birthday with you...and you know our family has a few other common dates ~ kewl!

We love ya!
Craig, Electa, Kyle, Savannah, Shelby & Amanda

Abbey said...

Well Happy Brithday Missy!! Man, you and your sister have close bdays.
Anyway, I hope today is encouraging for you. What a sweet thing your husband did to hack into your blog.
Uummm... he can't hack into mine, can he??? ;)

Happy, happy day.

care-in said...

Happy Birthday Missy! You truly are a gift and your thoughts here in bloggyworld are so encouraging even across the miles.

Jeanny said...

Happy Birthday!

I am so glad to have met you and I hope our new friendship continues in the future.

Happy Birthday!

Ginger said...

Happy Birthday Missy! Hope its great even if you can't go to an
80's rock concert! Glad you're my friend!

Marsha said...

Well, I am the worse Mother of the year. I STILL can not get my Hope Chest Legacy up! My Shutterfly collage crashed last night. Then left the house early this morning for a dr appointment in Asheville. I just got hom about 45 minutes ago and blogger won't let me go in and make a new post!! argh!!!

And Stacy - that's REta with an E not an i.

alli said...

Oh, sweet Missy. Happy birthday! I am so thankful we've connected via bloggyworld this year or so. You are oh so cool, and transparent! I love your words, and am thankful for each one you type.

You're an encouragement.

I like you a great deal.

Again, I hope your day/week/month/year is uber-fabulous!

Jeri said...

Good job, Stacy. ("...hacking skills...")Happy birthday one last time to you Missy! What a momentous birthday!

The Sawyers said...

"You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy when skies are gray, you'll never know dear how much I love you, please don't take my sunshine away."
That about sums it up. I love you dada!!!!

Rachel said...

happy belated birthday! i'm glad you subbed as nanny for me that one summer, even though i took over your radio and was a brat. you're awesome!