Thursday, August 21, 2008

Perception, Perspective, and a Good ole Dose of Reality

1. I perceived that not working was going to be the cure to all of my problems.
My perspective was that my working was getting in the way of effectively running my household.
The reality is that after two weeks, I see that I was mostly right about part of it. I mean it hasn't solved all of my problems, but...
I am thoroughly enjoying being a full time stay at home, homeschooling Mom.
It was nice for us to have a lazy Monday this week after a very busy weekend.
It's been nice easing into the week and not feeling like I've got to get everything done before Wednesday.

2. I have some perception issues with the whole homeschooling thing. I think that people see us as raving lunatics that are sheltering our children from "the world".
But my perspective has to stay focused on why we are doing this.
Our reality is that at this point in our lives, God has called us to homeschool. I have to keep in mind that homeschooling is not just about some hours that we sit in a room and do school work, but it's about a lifestyle that is engaged in learning. That learning may be book learning one part of the day, and basic home EC and responsibility the rest of the day. Our whole way of life revolves around the fact that there are many things that my kids need to learn, not just about books, but about a functioning home, and mainly about the Gospel. The scary reality is, it is my responsibility to guide them in all of these areas.

3. Have you ever perceived a person to be a certain way, and then when they don't turn out that way it is a bit of a surprise?
I have had a lot of conflict going on in my brain this week in regards to this.
I have really had to get over my perceptions of how it should have been, and gain some perspective on my response to those that are teaching or leading us.
The reality is I must view people and what they say and teach, through the lens of the Gospel. If I don't, I become a passive thinker and a mediocre student of God's word.
The reality is that there are a lot of people teaching a lot of things. There are a lot of ways to ignore the Gospel when what we are hearing tickles our ears and makes God fit into our way of living. If my way of thinking is that Jesus is with me to make everything in my life work out hunky-dory, then all I am doing is putting God in a box that I can put in my pocket and point to as a reference of the way I am living. "See, look, I am doing just fine with Jesus in my pocket!"
It becomes all about me at that point, and not who God is.

But if my way of thinking is that God is with me, so that I can glorify Him with everything I am, only having that ability through Him, then there is no room for a box. As a matter of fact all there is room for is God. When my ears are listening through the words of the Gospel, I can see that it is not about me. It's about God that has poured out His love on a sinful sinful person, in order to bring Glory to Himself. It's not to see how good of a person I can be. It's so God's glory can be revealed and as a result my actions and the outpouring of my life, show His glory to others.

4. It is noon time. Which most would perceive as being a good lunch hour.
But from my perspective we had breakfast at 10:00.
So the reality is that we won't be having lunch until later!


Stace' said...

Thank you for the words of exhortation in this post.

The Taylor-Chandler Clan said...

Awesome post everything unto the Lord!

Anonymous said...

Nice persepective. I'm not a homeschooling mom, but I applaud you. Everything for his glory includes how we educate our kids. I hope this becomes a rewarding experience for your family.

Jeri said...

Great thoughts, Missy. I'm glad God continually points you to the gospel, the ultimate reality.

Marsha said...

Very good post, Miss. You're right, You can't put God in a box or wear Him on a chain around your neck like a lucky charm. It's the Holy Spirit working in and through me.

Love you.

Chuck said...

I perceive this is a most excellent post.

Homeschooling - right now no one else can answer for those young'uns. Turn neither to the right nor to the left.

The Gospel - bingo. It's God's righteousness. We respond in kind.

valerie said...

Excellant post Missy.

Michele Williams said...

Great post Missy. You sound so "adult"... but then I have to keep reminding myslef that you girls are in your 30's now! Very good perspective regarding your responsibilties as a mom, and as a Christian proclaiming the gospel.

Aunt Michele

Kim said...

Perceptive... loved it and love you. Thank you for the reminder.

Michele Williams said...

You know Missy, in regards to your comment on my blog... it could have been worse... instead of seeing Uncle Jim's undies it could have been "plumbers crack"!! lol...

Aunt Michele