Thursday, July 24, 2008

Making it up with Missy: Episode One

In my best Design Show Hostess voice:

As you enter this room you smile. The pink hue of the wall combined with the plush fabrics and accents of brown make you wish that you too where once again a little girl.

A freshly painted desk greets you as you walk into the space. The work area of the desk has been trimmed with a cute pink fringe add a plush element that every princess needs. Lovely embellished baskets and decorative picture frames add that special touch and help to tie the desk all together. The backing of the desk has been removed to allow the pink of the walls to be seen throughout.
Above the dresser and painted with brown shimmery paint are the words
"Chocolate Kisses". MMM, it looks good, but no, you can't lick it!

Next to the desk is the entrance to the small closet. The girly pink toole panels make it an inviting space to enter. Upon entering you will notice that these walls are a beautiful chocolate brown and the lovely pink has been accented on the walls as well. Ample storage has been added for tea parties and doll house play.

Next to the closet is lovely artwork that our sweet makeover recipient designed and painted herself. Incorporating your childs own artwork is a wonderful way to add that special touch and lets them know that they have contributed.

The middle of this wall displays the window with the equisate pink and brown toile valance. The window is then draped with white sheer curtains. The window sille itself is perhaps one of my favorite parts of this space. With two little tutus cut open and then lining the sille, it is the perfect dainty touch and creates a nice looking window seating area when combined with the toy box and special accent pillow.

Continuing on this wall you will find lovely pink tin artwork with cute decorative hooks for our little princess to display her jewelry and of course, her crown!
Painted canvas with an acrylic frame hold a darling picture of our little girl with some very large bows on her shoes. Another lovely jeweled frame is the perfect accent for this space.

Moving onto the next wall you will see the beautiful french cottage style dresser. With its open front, the brown wicker baskets are the perfect accesory to hold clothing. The beautiful mirror rest comfortably on top of the dresser and makes a bold statement. Hanging from the ceiling above the dresser is the beautiful beaded chandalier. This chandalier holds pink sugar coated light bulbs and it cast lovely shadows on the pink wall.

Next to the dresser and perhaps the focul point of the room is a goregous french cottage sleigh bed. The molding on the bed on its own is wonderful, but the toile bed spread with its different textures makes this bed a true piece of beauty.
The chenille trim is soft to the touch and makes you want to curl up and never leave.

Above the length of the bed are the lovely "Chocolate pictures." These pictures have been made into 8x10's and are framed in hand painted 16x10 canvas frames.
The frames have holes drilled into the top and are hung with pink and brown polka dot ribbon.
Acrylic frames are hot glued to the canvas and then a glitter glaze trims the acrylic frame.

Above these frames are the words "Sweet Chocolate Dreams".
The brown paint is the same paint used throughout the room in the closet, and in the various canvas artwork. Pink accents have been added to the words to add a special touch of dimension and to soften the dark brown paint. A glitter glaze has been added to the brown paint and when you turn on the lights, the brown paint really sparkles!

Next to the bed is a lovely end table and on top of it is a beautiful pink beaded lamp. It cast the perfect amount of light to rest in this plush bed and read "Fancy Nancy", or just gaze at the loveliness of the room.
Above the bed is another brown canvas frame that has an "L" added to it in honor of our little princess. The white "L" has been glazed with a clear glitter paint and pink and brown polka dot stickers have been added to tie in with other accents throughout the room. Pink fringe has also been added.

Next to this canvas is a series of embroidery hoops in various sizes and painted pink and brown. A canvas frame with a darling picture of our little girls flipflops and a cherry that have fallen off her ice cream are the perfect center for our ring of hoops.

Another interseting element of this room is the flooring. Ugly green linoleum floors line this room, but with the help of a plush brown rug and strategically placed wood looking, peel and stick flooring...the ugly green is noticable no more!

As you can see, we have tried to creat a little girls sanctuary. A peaceful and relaxing space that any little girl would want to call home. With comfortable fabrics, homemade art pieces, soft lighting, and whimsical furniture, I am confident that we have created a space that will please the princess of this house and that will bring enjoyment for years to come.


I would also like to thank:

Jennifer, for the wonderful paint job and care you took in painting the words. You did an awesome job!!!

Jeanny, your help with trim work and desk trim where invaluable. I could not have done it without you! Thanks also for your various input here and there. It has been a lot of fun!

Mary, for sacrificing a tendon in your thumb to cut peel and stick tiles. You are truly dedicated to your work!

Mom, for the lovely furniture that was the inspiration for this lovely room makeover. Thank you for sharing with your granddaughter.

Adam, for bringing in the furniture and setting up the bed. You are awesome!

Kim, for all the lovely pictures you took for the room. They really tied the room together and made it what it is.

And Cut! that is the room. I am very pleased. Of course, I always think it could be better, but on my budget I think it turned out well.
Now I need some opinions.
My talented friend Jennifer came over today and painted the chocolate words on the wall. She has great penmanship and I definetly never could have written as well as she did.
The problem may be though that the words are to thick. The original plan was for more of a scrolly thin look, but because of the thickness of the paint and the brushes, it turned out a bit bigger and thicker.
What is your opinion? I can paint over it (which would be a really huge pain in the butt) and she can start over or we can just enjoy it as is.
What was your initial thought when you saw it?


Jeanny said...

I throughly enjoyed your show. The room looks great! Sit on the Sweet Chocolate Dreams for a few days.

Jeanny said...
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Heather said...

Missy the room is absolutly beautiful I love it GREAT job to all of you who helped make Lana's room. Its so dainty and femine I just love it. I Love it, I love it I just can't say enough. Fabulous!!!!!!

Marsha said...

I LOVE the writing! I don't have a problem with it like it is at all.

I thoroughly enjoyed your design show. I'm glad I was able to be a part of the inspiration for the room.

Mary said...

"Please ignore the blood stains as we make our way to the closet..."

just tops it all off doesn't it!

looks great missy!

i'm honored to be even a small part of it!

Rachel Garcia said...

i think it looks great! i am seriously impressed!

-C said...

I'm certain that Lana feels honored as your daughter to receive such a gift from so many people. :) It looks great! Have you found a smelly chocolate candle to add to it?

Kim said...

I think the writing kind of looks like chocolate. It looks good. Lickable even.

The pictures look great with the frames.

Awesome job. You're so good at stuff like that.

Jennifer said...

I agree with Kim totally. I was just about to write that it looked "fudgy" and I think the whole room is adorable! Great job!!

Tiffany said...

This is incredible! Really. It is so beautiful, and makes me excited about future ideas and plans for my sweet princess. I love the writing on the wall and the embroidery hoops. How ingenious is that? But, my favorite part are the light fixtures in the room. They are so dainty and elegant. All I can say is WOW! I would love a room like this even now!~ Blessings!

Graced said...

Absolutely amazing. I long both to be your daughter and to have a daughter to bless in such an extravagant way!

You are amazing!

Stace' said...

I love it!!!


When are you coming to NC to help me?

valerie said...

I love it!!!! Leave the writing, it looks like Chocolate Fudge. You and all of your helpers have done an amazing job!!! I need to hire you to come to my house and redecorate.

susansspace said...

I thoroughly enjoyed the slide show & your beautiful description!
It's easy to see that alot of love and planning went into this very special room!

care-in said...

this is really awesome Missy...I agree, sit on it for a few days and then decide about the writing. It does look nice and fudgy!

Angie said...

Came over from your mom---Marsha is such a blessing in my life! What a beautiful ROOM! Miss Lana is one blessed young lady!
Have a wonderful weekend~thanks for sharing all these pictures!

Michele Williams said...

I love the room! I want one like it! Coming to Arizona anytime soon? Chocolate and Pink...and all the frills...what else can a girl want! Send it into one of those design shows! I mean it!
Love you, Aunt Michele

Kimmi said...

fabuloso!!! leave the chocolate writing. it definitely looks like fudge. hmmm...are you sure that it's paint and not brownie batter? ;)