Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Stacy was the Employee of the month for June. Basically that means he sold the most cars and as a reward for his hard work and for my nagging about the hours he was putting in, the dealership paid for us to go to dinner last night. Woohoo!

Jeanny babysat Lana (Logan is still in NC) and Stacy and I went to the Melting Pot.
Very fun! If you've never been, save your pennies, and go.
We did the whole "Big night out" thing and got the cheese fondue, salads, meat and veggies fondue, and of course Chocolate Fondue! MMMMMM! Can I just say that whoever came up with the idea of melting chocolate and then bringing a big tray of assorted already good things to dip into already good chocolate, is a genious!
The cheese fondue is great too. I wish I had some now.
The meat was good, but honestly stressed me out a bit. You know the whole cooking meat at your table and timing it to make sure it was cooked enough...well, I could have just had the cheese and the chocolate and been just fine.
Althought the Jerk spiced Sirloin was amazing. I didn't know I liked jerk seasoning.
Let me get my book out, (licking my finger, turning the pages) oh yes, here it is...JERK!
(That was for you Kim :)

Anyways, after said dinner, we walked over to the Rave movie theater and watched "Hancock".
Good movie. Funny. A bit of cursing, but funny cursing if that makes any sense.
And I figured an important plot out before Stacy did! Thank you thank can go to the movies with me any time.
I want to see "Get Smart" next. Sounds fun-nnyyy.

Tomorrow morning Lana and I drive to Chattanooga to meet my Dad to get Logan back.
YEAH! My little family feels incomplete without my only son. We have missed him. I didn't realize how dependant Lana is on him. Of course they will be fighting by days end tomorrow, but at least she will have something to do and somebody else to talk to besides me.
God love her, she is so much like me, and then you add her Daddy's talking genes in there too and she is just destined to be a talker.

My house is still clean. Such a nice feeling. Friday when husband is off work we will clean out the garage and maybe Saturday I will have a yard sale. Not lots of planning, I know, but those usually are the best kinds.

Today gas is $3.99 a gallon in my neighborhood. That means that tomorrow when I wake up and drive to TN it is going to be over $4 a gallon and that just plain old stinks.

Well that is all for now. I worked today, I am chilling tonight, and I am happy to have had a date with husband, time with daughter, getting son back tomorrow, and a clean house. It's been a good week so far.


Marsha said...

Well, we know which one of your children is the slob because Logan has stuff on every floor of our house, my car and Pappy's car!

I've washed clothes 2x since you left and never washed any underwear! He doesn't know where they are. So, your child is coming home Thursday with a clean body, clean clothes and the same underwear.

care-in said...

fun fun fun!