Monday, July 28, 2008


Today it will be 97 degrees and full of humidity.

Today my air condition stopped working.

Today I have gotten chores done early in an attempt to not do anything later in the day when my house is an inferno.

Today I will stay in my stifling house as long as I possibly can before removing myself and the children to go mooch off of any of our friends who will take us.

Today maybe I will take the beforesaid children to see Space is always nice and cool in the theater.

Today I have a bad attitude...maybe it is the cars breaking and now the air breaking....maybe I am tired of things breaking.

Today I want to curl up under a nice cool rock and sleep.


Jeanny said...

That is about the weridest thing... I so had a dream last night about my air breaking. So, when I got up that is the first thing I checked. So sorry :(

Don't melt!

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry, missy! Our AC went out in June, so I definately feel you, girl. Come over to my place if you want to stay cool. You are certainly welcome!

Kim said...

Ugh. You are certainly having a good week with technology breaking on you.

You can come here. I'm about to crawl under nice, cool sheets to nap.

Not to taunt you.

Stace' said...

If I were rich, I would pay for a new car and a new air unit.

I'm praying girl.

If I were close to you, you could come hang with me...

Rachel Garcia said...

i know im in pelham.. but please come here if you need to.. but then again.. i don't know whats worse.. no air or the plauge. hmmm..

Marsha said...

If it makes you feel better, I don't have a/c at the new place yet and I just spent the last 12 hours there in 90 degree heat.

It could be could've happened last week while you had company there...namely me!

This is what happens when you set up an emergency fund...everything breaks.

So sorry.

Jeri said...

Are you all fixed up yet? I hope's hard to sleep in an un-air-conditioned circa 1970 split-level in July in Alabama.