Saturday, July 26, 2008

School Supplies

Well I just returned from Target and Dollar Tree.
I figure I've only got 2 more weeks of making my own money, so I'd better spend it wisely.
Target has some great school supply deals right now.
Lots of stuff for .20, .50, and .75 cents.
I got a 10 pack of notebooks for .50 cents.
Woohoo! I got two packs of that good deal.
Lots of crayola crayons, colored pencils, markers for real cheap too.
I finally broke down and bought an electric pencil sharpener.
I am counting on that $10 purchase alleviating at least 67% of my schooling stress.
Last year I would get so frustrated with the constant delay in school after looking for sharpened pencils or little dinky sharpeners.
Now I can just leave the big honkin sharpener plugged in on my desk and we can enjoy hours of amazing sharpening technology at our convenience.

Then on to the Dollar Tree.
I just discovered that Dollar Tree is a homeschooling Moms dream store.
They had tons of poster packs. ABC in manuscript and cursive. Phonics, Multiplication. You name it, I got it. It made me happy.
I am very excited to have a school room this year and actually be able to hang posters and such.
I'm going to do a big bulletin board out of ceiling tiles from the home store.
I made one for Logans room the other year and I love them because you can paint them easily. They are cheap too and so I figure a grouping of about 6 or so will cost under $15. That will be a huge BB space and we can paint each one a different color.
You can see the tile in Logans room on that wall.

Now go, run my friends to your local Target and Dollar Tree. Tell them I sent you. They could care less, but tell them anyways!


Jeri said...

Enjoy, enjoy enjoy the days of ABC's in cursive and such! It definitely gets more expensive and intimidating later on! (Maybe not really intimidating, but usually more expensive. Still fun, though, I think.) :)

heather said...

I love the Dollar Tree too. I am so glad you are going. Want to ride together?

Jeanny said...

Is "Making it up with Missy" gonna do another show?

Chuck said...

ALDI, Target & Dollar Tree.

I am so proud I could bust...

Laura Leigh said...

Hey Missy! I love your new header. Cool beach photo, huh?

Love Lana's room, too! We're moving Bella into a twin bed for her birthday, a challenge with Emma in the same room. You interested in coming over one day and brainstorming with me?

Oh, and where'd you find the comforter? Love, love, love it!

Virginia said...
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