Friday, July 4, 2008


Must go to Fireworks on the 4th of July! Must I tell you!
If you don't go, you are unAmerican and George Washington is frowning upon you right now.
When Patrick Henry said "Give me liberty or give me death", he meant watch fireworks on July 4th or die. Seriously. The translation has just been changed through the years to sound more important.

I love the 4th of July.
I love the tradition of going to see a fireworks spectacular.
I grew up going to watch fireworks every year in Downtown Charlotte.
It was a blast. I can remember my best friend Stacey's Dad tearing up every year when Sandi Patti would sing the national anthem. It always amazed me to see this big burly fire fighter tearing up over our nations song.
And we always went rain or shine. It did not matter. If there is a chance of fireworks, then you must attend.
I am so happy that there is a group of people here in Alabama at my Church that also loves the tradition of 4th of July fireworks.
A big group meets every year at the same spot and they bring 3 kinds of homemade Ice Cream.
Its yummy and its fun.
And to top it off, here in Alabama the fireworks spectacular does not end with our nations ends with some good old fashioned Lynard Skynard!
Thats right folks...Sweet Home Alabama!
Apparently our state pride is more important than our national pride.
And now if you'll excuse me, I need to get back to my double wide and fry something!


Marsha said...

What?! I thought you said Eagles Mere on the 4th of July was your favorite?! Seriously, they are both great memories.

As for me, my fireworks watching is now done from the comfort of my recliner. Yep. Me and the Boston Pops Orchestra sing-a-long followed by awesome fireworks that are so intune with the expression of the music; it must've taken months to orchestrate it all.

Yes, I could have gone into town and 'watched' fireworks from the comfort of my lawnchair in Ingles parking lot. But there is NO MUSIC to go with it! It's all this poor county can afford.

Am I getting old or what?

Stace' said...

No Dear Marsha. Not Eagles Mere. Stacey, Andy, and JEFF!!! nothing was more fun than having those boys pick hairspray out of our hair after being soaked by rain. Aaaah, memories. LOL!!!

I always think of you Missy when I go to fireworks. It's Just the way it goes. Sweet!

Stace' said...

Dying cows RULE!

Chuck said...

Thats right folks...Sweet Home Alabama!
Apparently our state pride is more important than our national pride.

Now that makes me tear up. God bless Alabama.

Marsha said...

Chuck.... I'm sure somewhere out there in TN they closed with 'Rocky Top'. They're a bunch of rednecks, too! ;)

Stacey... Eagles Mere was good for the participating in the parades both on land and by lake. And can see why the Charlotte fireworks would be so appealing after hearing that story!!

Kimmi said...

love me some fireworks!!!! we go to the fish market parking lot downtown to watch.