Friday, July 4, 2008

If I had a Million Dollars

I'd write a big fat tithe check

Pay off debt

Fly my whole family to Africa

Fix up my house like I like it

Buy a van that won't break down



Pay a lot of taxes

Drink Starbucks Iced Chai Lattes and Mocha Light Frappacinos whenever I wanted

Learn how to do cartwheels...I don't know how having a million dollars would help me with that, but maybe it would

Pick a random person and give them a nice chunk of change, anonymously of course

Support lots of missionaries

Have a dog

Take a cross country RV trip

Buy an Ice Cream truck

Do an all out-over the top VBS

Join Curves again

Get a Jack Lorlain Juice Man Plus

Get new teeth

Hire a personal Massuse

Go sky diving

Buy lots of extra underwear for above sky diving trip

Sleep better because I would have an awesome mattress

Help lots of friends

What would you do with a million dollars?


Jennifer said...

I love that VBS made your list. You are too sweet.

Marsha said...

Wowzers! You must be planning on a REALLY BIG yard sale on Saturday!!