Friday, July 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Pappy!

Today is my Dad's 55th birthday. I have to tease him about being 55 because 55 means being able to eat off the Seniors menu! Woohoo! I can actually afford to treat him to lunch now.

I love my Dad. I am actually in a lot of ways like him. Besides the fact that I look very much like him, which of course freeks my husband out. He loves it when we are chatting contently and I make a "Mike" face. He really just can't wait to get his hands on me when that happens. OK, actually he runs the other way. Who wants to kiss their father in law?
I also make "Mike" comments. You no the sarcastic cynical type comments. Thats when Stacy says "Mike, when did you get here?"

Here are some things I would like for you to know about my Dad, whether you know him or not.

1. Upon arriving at my Dad's house, or him arriving at mine ( or any of my siblings), he will always give you the side hug and say I love you.

2. He is not the kind of guy that you would ever say is a "kid" guy. Like I could never see him teaching the 3rd grade Sunday School class or anything...BUT, he is absoulutly over the top in love with his 5 grand kids. From the moment Logan was born he became this truly amazing Pappy. He dotes upon and brags about each one of them like they are each his favorite in their own unique way.

3. He is better at things than he gives himself credit for.

4. He loves to hike and has a 3 mile trail that he mantains for the Benton McKay trail association, or something like that. Either way, I think it's cool that he mantains a trail. He lets Logan go with him to take care of it and Logan thinks its cool too.

5. He appreciates the little things. He has a little rock that he keeps on his dresser because Sarah Beth gave it to him before she left and said that it was for him to remember her by. He has more screwdrivers than he needs because Logan gave them to him for every occasion for several years.

6. He values time with his family. When I was a senior in High School he came into my room one night and said "I have to tickets two anywhere in the U.S. Where would you like to go?" He then took me on a wondrfully fun trip to San Fransico. We rented a Mustang convertable and he let me drive. We walked Pebble Beach golf course. It is one of my greatest memories. He then did the same for my sister and they went to Prince Edward Island.

7. He taught me everything I know about golf. Going back to point 3, he doesn't think he is that good at it...but to me, playing golf with my Dad is one of the most enjoyable things I could do.

8. He sacrifices for us. From cars, to money, to time. He has always been willing to do without so that he can better provide for us. Even now as a grown adult, I know that he sacrificed things for me and my kids. Last year on this very day, I was leaving for Africa because of his sacrifice!

9. He is slow and steady. You can count on the fact that he is not going to shoot from the hip, but take time to think about things and then act.

10. He is Godly and reverant. It goes back to number 9. He thinks about his faith and executes it in that same way.

Well, there are lots more things, but just suffice it to say that I really love my Dad and am thankful for him.

I can't wait to take him out and use his AARP discount!


Kim said...

AND he looks like Tommy Lee Jones. No lie.

Happy Birthday, Mike!

Michele Williams said...

He does! Happy Birthday Mike! Thanks for being You!

care-in said...

What a sweet post! Sorry I didn't send you any rolly polly baby in your envelope! Maybe next time.

Chuck said...

Undoubtedly one of my favorite dudes.

Live long and prosper, Miiik.

Stace' said...

I thank God for Mike Harwood.

The Lord has used this faithful husband, loving father, and all around amazing man mightily in my life.

Thanks Mike.

I love you!

Happy Birthday.

Next time you are in town, give me a ring. I'll take you out, get the AARP special, and if it's a Wednesday you can run to CVS for the senior discount.

Kimmi said...

and now i love your dad too. :) i can tell that you are a wonderfully blessed daughter to have him for a father. hug him for me.

Jeanny said...

Make sure you go to Wendy's at midnight and legally get the senior discount ;)!

alli said...

Oh, Missy, what an incredibly sweet post. I love it when you tell us about your family.

I really do lurk your blog. Like, I LOVED the Lana icecream pictures. I mean, LOVE. I just couldn't think of anything sweet enough to say about 'em.

And, I enjoyed the blogs about the decisions to decorate her room. I'm just not very decisive, and they all looked cool to me.

thanks for commenting on my blog.

you make my tail wag.

Travis & Laura said...

Everything you said is so true about our wonderful Dad. My first Christmas here in Kenya I was on the phone with Dad and he said, "I got something for your sister for Christmas that I think you are gonna like too. I bought her a ticket to Kenya!" I will never forget that moment! What a blessing He is us.

Anonymous said...

o what a precious post. i need to go call my daddy now!

BP said...

This is a sweet post! I love the idea of the trip he took you on, how great!