Sunday, July 27, 2008

Instant Happiness!

That is how I would describe the movie "Mama Mia".
I am not kidding. Within the first two seconds I was smiling and never ceased for the next hour and a half.
LOVE LOVE LOVED this movie!
And let me just say it one more time....Loved!

Ok, so there are some sexual innuendos, and the story is based around the fact that Meryl Streeps character had "romantic" rendezvous with 3 different men in the same time frame, and you don't know who Sophias father is...but get past all of that and listen to the music.
How can you not love "Dancing Queen"? Please, tell me, because I don't think it is possible.

I took Jeanny to see it today after Church as a reward for babysitting and helping with the room.
We were also the youngest people there. Of course she is 21 and I am...big gulp, almost 33!
So maybe the target age group for this movie was 55 or 60. Not kidding. Lots of gray hair there. Not that there is anything wrong with that, just stating the obvious. Oh and they laughed too! They laughed when a scene didn't call for out loud laughter...just a little quiet seat chuckle.
But that was the joy of Mama Mia! The fun funness of it.

I left and immediately called Kim Hill and left her a message to get in her car pronto and go see it. Did you Kim? Did you?
And I sent Crissy a text letting her know that it was fabulous and that I will go see it again...with her....Her little Colin Firth was not my fave in this movie. Sorry Crissy...I actually thought the other guy (not Peirce Brosnon) was a bit dreamier, in a middle aged man kind of way.

If any of you have the desire to go see this me first, for I will come with you, and I will have another blissful hour and a half of smiling. It's the music of Abba for crying out loud! How can you not smile?


Mary said...

you've convinced me.
i need to see it.

Marsha said...

I'm supposed to smile about the fact that she doesn't know who the father of her child is?

Marsha said...

I'm supposed to smile about the fact that she doesn't know who the father of her child is?

Kim said...

I did not jump in my car yesterday to go see it, but want to soon. I've heard that it is good but several people.

Love Abba.

heather said...

I can not wait to see it.