Tuesday, July 22, 2008


It is 9:06, my husband is still not home, the children are in bed, Adam and Jeanny are watching TV, Mom is upstairs doing something, Mary just left, and I am finally sitting down for the day.

My day started early this morning and has been non stop ever since.
Mom and Adam came yesterday to bring the furniture for Lana's room.
The plan for today was for Adam and Jeanny to go out and do there thing, while Mom and the kids, and the newly "adopted" Mary did some errands and then Mom and Adam would leave late in the day.
Well late in the day the sky was cloudy and the weather was unpredictable so they decided to stay.
I sent Adam to the store for Shrimp and bread and then prepared dinner and dessert. ( Chocolate Mousse Cake....MMMMMM!)

All that to say, my day never stopped. Which is fine, we've all had a fun day and got a lot done, including sending Mary to the Dr for some stitches. It seems that maybe I shouldn't have let her use my exacto knife to cut some flooring. Note to self...Mary may not cut things.
I have not seen so much blood in a long time...and on Lana's new rug of all places!
But it's OK, Jeanny and I were able to clean it up, and now it is only stained on the back of the rug. It's a good reminder of ...a reminder of what? Exacto knives and flooring and people that shouldn't have knives? I don't know.

I am sorry to those of you that are awaiting the debut of the room.
Like I said, today has been non stop and so I never got the better pics.
Tomorrow I work and Thursday I am hoping Jennifer can come to do the writing on the wall...so I guess I will just wait until then.
Plus we had some little things we added today...like some cheap pretend flooring. It's really a quick fix to an ugly problem, but will have to be improved upon later.

Well thank you my blogging friends for letting me unwind. I am so tired, but do not anticpate sleep coming soon...so I thought I should unwind.
Ah, hubby just came home and had a long bad day, so I better go tend to him.



Kim said...

"those of us who are waiting for the debut of the room" are going crazy!

And THEN you can relax.

Not that I'm demanding.

Please refrain from dumping a glass of water on my head.

You are capable of such rudeness.

Anonymous said...

I have many a scar from my exacto-knife weilding days in college. Not fun! Glad to hear the room is coming together. I can't wait to see it. I may be calling you to help me with the nursery in a few months.

Travis & Laura said...

Hey Dada, sure wish I could be there to help you guys. Save some project for us to do when I'm on furlo. Plus I need to see those pictures so get on it girl!

Jeri said...

Wow, Missy; you go girl.

Marsha said...

Yes, I was upstairs having my own down time after a VERY long day of shopping.

Mary said...

ya know i always COULD come and finish the job!...
just go the blades and i'm good!