Monday, July 21, 2008

A Peak

Well, I was going to post pics of the room tonight but the pictures I took didn't turn out well because of the lighting. So I will take them over tomorrow.

For now I leave you with one pic of something I made for the room that kind of sets the theme and tone.


Heather said...

Thats not fair Missy. That is cute what you made though I can't wait to see the finished product.

heather said...

I love the colors can't wait to see the pic's.

Stace' said...


Cute, cute, cute!!!

I bet L-girl is thrilled!!


Anonymous said...

O that is too cute. Do you know what is scarey...I was thinking of doing the same thing with the new baby. I wanted to use wood letters on top of a square above his crib. I guess great minds think alike!

care-in said...

You must do a tutorial...that looks great!

I thought about collecting various E's for the girl's room.